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If you are planning an event and would like to add me as a feature entertainer, by all means, use the contact information below and lets get the party started. I am available to do small intimate indoor parties , crazy outdoor barbecues, and festivals of all kinds. I have a great sense of appropriate volume level for any event. I always provide my own PA system (with the exception of concert size systems), my own lighting, and pre-show and break music. 
Typical set times are 45 minutes on, 20 minutes off for a 4 hour show. Prices vary depending on travel distance, PA requirements, and length of show. You can Email me below and I'll be happy to discuss specifics for your event. Please stop by and check out the Discography page for a crossection of the styles of music I play, and some audio clips so you know exactly what my sound is all about.
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Original and Classic Acoustic Rock
Mike Proffitt
The Mike Proffitt Band
Mix of Original Rock Songs