I have been playing the acoustic circuit in the Hampton Roads area since around 1981. Although my music has allowed me some travel experiences I tend to stay close to home and family. Check out one of my many performances if you are here in town on vacation, or part of the happening Hampton Roads Virginia music scene.

If you have any questions or comments you can always email me at mpband@cox.net  
Here are some of the instruments which I use in the course of performing and recording and a brief description of each.

The Martin -
I have had more questions and comments on this guitar than any other I have owned. It is a Martin 00CX-AE. It's flat finish and the small body are the most interesting features. It's got great sound for a small guitar which is the hallmark of Martin guitars. I have played this at gigs from small private functions to opening for REO Speedwagon and the Doobie Brothers. The front of house engineers love it!
The Ovation -
This used to be my go-to guitar back in the 90's. I played Ovations exclusively since I got my first one  around 1978. This guitar was used in the recording of both "If You're Scared...Say You're Scared", and on some of the tracks of "Versatility". Today it enjoys semi retirement and is used gently in my home studio.
The Epiphone -
I am NOT an electric guitarist. I received this as a gift for my birthday one year and fell in love with it. There are other "Les Paul" Epiphones out there, but this one is somewhat unique in that it has "f" holes like a hollow body, but is in fact a solid body.
The Fender -
This guitar was also a gift and is a nylon string Fender model CG-7. This guitar has never seen the stage, however it was used on the song "Crazy" off the album "Versatility", and is used often in my home studio today.
Mike Proffitt
Acoustic Rock