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Welcome to the LINER NOTES PAGE in support of my newest CD relese.
I had a lot of comments from my previous releases about the small text on the back of the CD being difficult to read  (probably an indication of the age range of my demographic...) so, I decided to bump up the text size on the back of the sleeve and do the other liner notes here. This will also give me room to give a more in-depth description of the song's meanings and some other production notes. I hope you enjoy this format and thanks for visiting the website!

Track 1: Don't Give Up
Written by: Sandy Law (1999)
Length: 5:09
Recorded: Live at the 2019 Townpoint  Park Virginia Spring Wine Festival.
This was a recorded directly off of the mixer to a digital recorder by John Joanides. 
Track 2: I'll Be There
Written by: Michael T. Proffitt (2019)
Length: 4:50
Recorded: In my home studio with my current band (as of June 2020); 
Dana Silvercloud - Bass
Loyd Bohlinger - Drums
Brad Brewer - Sax (Sprano/Tenor)
This song was written as a Christmas present to my son, Stephen, who lives in Denver, CO
Track 3: On My Way
Written by: Michael T. Proffitt (2012)
Length: 3:16
Recorded: In my home studio with 
Dana Silvercloud on Bass.  
I performed all of the other instrument and vocal parts.
This song was written for, and submitted to, an American Idol Songwriting  Contest. 
Track 4: Arizona
Written by: Michael T. Proffitt (1998)
Produced by: Stacey Heydon
Length: 4:18
Recorded: Winmark Studios, Virginia Beach, and The Animal Farm, Jupiter, FL.
Acoustic Guitar/Vocals - Mike Proffitt
Electric Slide/Ebo Guitar - Woody Nordan
This is an acoustiuc remix from the 1999 album "Versatility". This was added because it's one of the most requested songs at live my shows, and many have not heard the acoustic studio version.
Track 5: Something Special
Written by: Robbin Thompson 
Used by Permission: 
Out There Music ASCAP
Length: 4:34
Recorded: Live at Calypso in Virginia Beach directly off of the mixer.
When Robbin was still with us he gave me permission to record this song in exchange for dinner "next time he was in town". I never had a chance to buy him that dinner, but I'll take care of that in the next world.
Track 6: Find My Way
Written by: Michael T. Proffitt (2008)
Length: 3:41
Recorded: In my home studio. This was my first attempt at producing a song myself, at home. I have learned a lot since then, but I still like the song overall. My current band has been playing it for years now, and it's one of our fan's favorites.
Track 7: You're Not The One
Written by: Michael T. Proffitt (1996)
Produced by: Stacey Heydon
Length: 3:40
Recorded: The Daily Planet, Virginia Beach, VA
This is an acoustic remix from the 1996 album "If You're Scared, Say You're Scared".
This album was started using some studio time I won in a songwriting competetion. The prize was 5 hours of studio time, but Stacey quickly talked me into doing a complete album project. it was a great learing experience.

Track 8: Comin' Round Again
Written by: Michael T. Proffitt (2000)
Produced by: Skip DeRupa
Length: 3:25
Recorded: Winmark Recording, Virginia Beach, VA
This was recorded as a single with:
Mike Proffitt - Guitar/Vocals
William Frye - Bass
Kevin Hall - Drums
Ken "Taco" Walker - Lead Guitar
Track 9: No Such Thing
Written by: Michael T. Proffitt (2019)
Length: 2:52
Recorded: In my home studio, short and sweet.

Track 10: Take Me To The Mountains
Written by: Michael T. Proffitt (1998)
Length: 4:08
Recorded: Live at Abbey Road  resturant, Virginia Beach, VA in 2002 as part of their 20th anniversary celebration. It was a weekend full of music by performers who had played there over the years. The  performances were later highlighted on a 4 disk set produced by the owner 
Bill Dillon. 
The band at this time was:
Mike Proffitt - Guitar,Vocals
Dave Mills - Bass
Richard Calhoun - Drums
Ken "Taco" Walker - Lead Guitar