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Send me photos you've taken at my shows and I'll add them to this page with a photo credit if you like!
​My new friend Cameron with her replacement guitar pick!
"One does not merely blow IN the sax,
One expresses oneself THROUGH the sax"..
Loyd Bohlinger
Brad Brewer
Mike Proffitt
Dana Silvercloud
The Mike Proffitt Band
If anyone can commandeer a boat at a wine festival it's The Fun Bunch
Jason stealing some guitar licks from me at Baja. He's a right good photographer too!
The Shirt
My brother-in-law returned this shirt to me after about 10 years. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than Glen.
(BTW...these are no longer available)
Fans at The 615
A life away from music occasionally...
Neighborhood 4th of July Parade