Hello. Welcome to the online home for me, Mike Proffitt, one of the longest running acoustic acts in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Here you can find upcoming show dates, some background on me, and information on how to find my recorded music. Have a look around the site, check out some of my music, and catch a show soon! 

3 - Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant
     7-10 (solo)
4/5&6 - Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant
            8-11 (solo)
4/10 - Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant
            7-10 (solo)
4/13 - Fifty Third Winery
4/14 - Chatham Vineyards
          2-5 (solo)
4/17 - Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant
          7-10 (solo)
4/20 - DuCard Vineyards
4/24 - Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant
          7-10 (solo)
​* Every Wednesday at Abbey Road 7-10 (solo)

5/3 - Greenbrier Country Club
        5-8 (solo)
5/4 - Townpoint Spring Wine Festival
        11:30-5:00 (band)
5/10 - Blue Quartz Winery
         6-9 (solo)
5/25 - Fifty Third Winery
         12:30-4:30 (solo)
5/31 - Taste Shore Drive - Live on the Lawn
          5:30-8:00 (solo)


Upcoming Shows
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NOTE: If you would like to join me at one of the wineries in the central part of Virgina I have the following suggestions for accommodations:

Ducard & Blue Quartz vineyards: Try Graves Mountain Lodge. It's about 5 minutes from DuCard Vineyards and about 15 minutes from Blue Quartz Vineyards.

If you'd like to join me at Fifty-Third winery try Pleasant Grove Farm Bed & Breakfast. It's about 15 minutes from the winery. You can find them on Air B&B.

Chatham Vineyards is an easy day trip across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on the Eastern Shore, only about an hour from the toll booth on the Hampton Roads side.