Hello. Welcome to the online home for me, Mike Proffitt, one of the longest running acoustic acts in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Here you can find upcoming show dates, some background on me, and information on how to find my recorded music. Have a look around the site, check out some of my music, and catch a show soon!

I'll be adding some audio clips to the site soon, so check back!


11/1 - Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant
         7:00-10:00 (solo)
11/3 & 4 - Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant
          8:00-11:00 (solo)
11/8 - Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant
         7:00-10:00 (solo)
11/11 - Private
11/15 - Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant
           7:00-10:00 (solo)
11/29 - Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant
           7:00-10:00 (solo)


12/8 - Blue Quartz Winery
          6:00-9:00 (solo)
12/9 - Ducard Vineyards
          2:00-5:00 (solo)
12/15 & 16 - Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant
           8:00-11:00 (solo)


Upcoming Shows
This was my second studio album recorded at The Daily Planet in Virginia Beach and The Animal Farm in West Palm Beach. These songs are available on line...

Sold Out
My first full-length CD has been out of print for years, but you can find the songs from this album, and many more, on most streaming platforms...

Sold Out
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